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Only God Might Be Able to Make a Tree (At Least So Said Joyce Kilmer),
But You Can Plant One

friends of urban forestDear Friends and Neighbours

Friends of the Urban Forest will be doing a community tree planting in our neighbourhood in October. 

Here are the full details:

Why should you plant a FUF tree at your property? 

Trees provide benefits  such as cleaning the air, preventing flooding, and raising your property value. FUF is a nonprofit that has planted more than 47,000 trees during 1,000 +community plantings in SF.

Of course trees at your neighbours’ and nearby streets all do the same thing as your own tree, and have a cumulative, long-term impact.  Over time, the streets around The Hollow can be much greener.  So even if you already have your own tree, please consider whether you can help and recruit friends/neighbours. 

Please consider getting involved in your part of Balboa Hollow – to make the October planting successful, there is a lot of planning to be done. 

Please sign up to express interest at FUF website at link above. You can also use our contact form here to ping

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